The SchoolQuest project began today. An outlet for boredom while I sit in my easy classes, with nothing to do in particular. This is a stream of consciousness project in which quality is completely ignored in favor of immediate personal satisfaction. The first chapter is Why I Don't Like Microsoft. It outlines my passing thoughts about Microsoft, and students who venerate them.

Written in two hours

Styled in two hours

Development log


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called me  a bootlicker
little does it kno I eat boots in soup

slurp slurp moheckers 

now here is my main issue with this game. Cuz I am a huge fan and supporter of whom designed it. For people with visual learning and optimization thru colour options this would have been a game to play. 

Odd because the gaming world serves so many picky thinkers. I do believe that the designer is only capable of what they can do but this is my feedback and my advice. Keep up. You're going great!!!

the game window cuts off text options : (

Sorry about that. It should be working now.

it's all working now, thanks so much :) I love text games, love this one's look