This is what I've been working on since SchoolQuest III. 

A more serious game that I have sunk a lot of time into making, and still am not quite done yet. It has more of a ways to go, but I have been swamped by my school and graduation, so I can't sink much time into getting it done. I want to reassure people that this is a thing that's happening, and perhaps get some input from people and polish out the edges before I finish writing it. 

This is being made for the Glorious Trainwrecks Spirituality Jam, and to me represents the nature of nature, relations of people and places, and how the actions and history revolving around a place makes it alive, or gives it a haunting presence. 

The game is incomplete, but the map is fully accounted for. I'll be posting updates as I make them to this page, as well as better formatted descriptions.
The finished game will have 2D graphics, and I will always have a fully text based version free for anyone to play.


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