Take up the role of a government worker at a radio communication tower, during a disastrous snowstorm. Assist local townspeople. Reach out to rural citizens. Stand by for distress signals. In the meantime, perhaps you can make some sense of the region. You can't put your finger on it, but there's something suspicious going on.

This is a prototype and proof of concept for a Stenography based puzzle game, as well as being a larger story about care ethics and consequentialism. While I'm not sure if I intend on keeping this as a Twine project, or moving it up to a Godot Engine project, it remains an unfinished prototype that I'm constantly working on. 

Headquarters signal is 500 kHz, which is the default, in case I didn't make that part clear.

Story: 25% complete

Gameplay: 33% complete

Visual/Assets: 10% complete


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This was intriguing to read, and just stressful enough to play, I found! ^^

Thanks! I'm glad you found it intriguing